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Water in my oil tank: Does it need cleaning?

Updated: Jul 8

Oil tank cleaning

All oil tanks can get a build-up of sludge and/or water in the bottom of them. Normally this doesn’t cause too much of a problem as the oil tank outlet is raised up from the base so the sludge and water would settle below the outlet exit port.

However, when your oil tank is getting filled up, this can stir up the sludge and cause some issues if you don't take the necessary precautions. You should always leave your oil boiler or oil appliance off for a few hours after a delivery so no sludge gets pulled through your oil line.

Also, your oil tank should be fitted with filters, which means particles should be caught within the filter element.  But your filters will need replacing periodically (depending on use), as water could potentially pass through and severely damage your boiler pump. We do sell replacement filter elements for the most commonly used oil tank filters on the market. Check out our store or give us a call if you're unsure what you need!

Ultracompact SOS Tank Pack A Fitting Kit - oil filter outlet
Ultracompact SOS Tank Pack A Fitting Kit

Ideally your oil tank should be dipped for water annually and your oil tank filters should also be cleaned, or replaced with new filters/elements.  This is usually done by most oil boiler service engineers, but not all of them will. It’s always worth asking your service engineer if they include this in their service, or if not, will they get someone in to do this for you?  (Worcester Bosch engineers do NOT check your tank or filters, so its always worth either checking it yourself or getting a competent oil engineer in to check it for you- or give use a call, and we'll do it.) 

DESO plastic bunded oil tank

If any water is found in your oil tank, you are best to get it removed either by a company, like ourselves, or you can purchase water absorption products you drop into your tank, which then soak up a small amount of water, such as CimTek Tank Dryer. We also sell Water Finding Paste, which you paint onto the bottom of a stick which you would then put it into the bottom of your oil tank. After a few seconds, the stick with the paste on will change colour if there is any water in your tank. 

If your oil tank needs cleaning, why not contact us? We're highly experienced and would typically charge around £250 - £400 +VAT, depending on tank size, water amount, and assuming you are within the North West of England. Prior to cleaning, we would inspect your tank to ascertain its condition. Sometimes, if your oil tank has cracks or it's very rusty, it may not be worth cleaning it out and you would be better using the money towards replacing your oil tank.

Replacing your oil tank may actually save you money in the long run. If you allow water to collect in your oil tank, eventually it'll severely damage your boiler, which would then need to be replaced (and they ain't cheap!). If your tank has gone beyond the point of serviceability, we would work with you to find a suitable replacement, remove the old tank and install the new tank at a very reasonable price- we understand that things are difficult currently, so we keep our prices at their lowest without compromising on quality!

So if your oil tank hasn’t been checked for a while, or you would like more information, our helpful team are on hand! Give us a ring on 01772 338892 to discuss your options further.

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