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J Seed & Co Ltd is an approved supplier of Harlequin Plastic Tanks. Explore our range of Heating Oil. Need a Waste Oil, Diesel, AdBlue or Water tanks? Give us a call! We sell the whole Harlequin range so if you can't see what you're after on our website, give us a call.

Unsure what you need? Don't worry, we've been supplying tanks for years!

Harlequin Plastic Tanks

Headquartered in Northern Ireland, UK, Harlequin Manufacturing is one of Europe’s leading providers of innovative polyethylene storage tanks and systems.

While the company’s services and operations have expanded over the last 40 years, the underlying principles of their family-owned business have remained constant.

Harlequin has developed a diverse and innovative product range for its clients in the residential, commercial, and agribusiness sectors.

With their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, they engineer a wide range of specialist products. 

Their products are designed and manufactured to exceed the most technical, environmental, and regulatory requirements.

Bunded Oil Tanks

Harlequin bunded oil tank range is available from our online store. Tank capacity ranges from 650 - 9250 litres.

Bunded tanks are the go-to for safely storing your fuel. They provide a safety net in the rare event your inner tank (where the fuel is stored) is compromised or the tank is accidentally overfilled. With environmental impact in mind, the bund is designed to contain any excess and leakages from seeping into the ground. 

Harlequin bunded oil tanks are suitable for domestic, commercial and agricultural use. Made from Medium Density Polyethylene, equipped with a robust lid, have confidence in Harlequin to store your fuel safely and without environmental concern.


They are available in 3 different models:

  • HQi - Bunded Oil Tank (with bottom outlet) only

  • ITE - Bunded Oil Tank, including a bottom outlet fitting kit and an electronic gauge.

  • ITT - Bunded Oil Tank, including a top outlet fitting kit and an electronic gauge. (Only available upon request- call our office for more information)

Fuel Stations and Points

whether you run a small fleet of vehicles or want to fill your farm vehicles, Harlequin offers 2 solutions to fulfil your feeling needs. Don't need something fancy or the added tech? No problem, Harlequin has a basic solution for you. 

Fuel Points:

A simple solution to filling your vehicles. Available from 1300 - 5000 Ltrs. Keep all your fuel in one area and conveniently dispense into your vehicles. Made from Medium Density Polyethylene, Harlequin Fuel Points are integrally bunded and equipped with a lockable access door. Fuel Points are simple to use and come equipped with a 230v pump, 6m hose with an automatic shut-off nozzle, 10 micron filter, 4" inspection port and 2" fill point- all contained behind the lockable door. 

Fuel Stations:

A more advanced means of filling your fleet. Fuel Stations are designed like a forecourt style dispensing unit. Similar to a Fuel Point (above), a Fuel Station has the added benefits of a flow meter, contents gauge and bulkhead light. Fuel Stations are available from 1300 - 9250 Litres. 


Harlequin fuel dispensers are not available through our online store. Please call or email the office for availability and price.

Slimline Tanks

Harlequin offer a range of "Super Slimline" tanks under the brand 'Diamond Tanks'. These tanks have been designed with tight installations in mind. 

Got a small gap to squeeze through or are you restricted to a maximum width? Consider a Diamond Tank.

AdBlue Tanks

Available from 1400 - 9250 Litres. Harlequin AdBlue stations come complete with a 35Litre/minute 230v pump, 6m hose, automatic shut-off nozzle, suction hose with non-return valve and strainer, 2" fill point with dry break coupling, 4" inspection port, lockable door and inner tank vent. 

Pricing and availability upon request. Please call or email the office for more information. 

Waste Oil Tanks

Available from 350 - 2500 Litres. Store your waste oil securely and responsibility without risking the environment with a Harlequin Waste Oil Tank. 

Complete with a 16" lockable lid, 30 Litre capacity tundish and strainer. Harlequin Waste Oil Tanks comply to the latest revenant environmental control regulations throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. 

Pricing and availability upon request. Please call or email the office for more information.


View our range of Harlequin Tanks below. Can't see what you're looking for? No problem! We sell the whole Harlequin range and not all tanks are listed on our website. Contact us today for a quote on your requirements.


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