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Water Finding Paste

Water Finding Paste

SKU: SR7010

Having problems with your Oil Tank?  A common cause of many problems is water in your Oil Tank.  Water is heavier than oil and so sinks to the bottom of your tank.  It is advisable to check your tank regularly.


The Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste is a useful tool to detect the presence of water in your oil tank. Apply it to a stick or a clean rod, and lower it to the bottom of the oil tank. The brown paste will turn red when in contact with water, indicating the depth of the water in the oil tank.


If the Kolor Kut water finding paste detects water in your oil tank, we can supply a variety of products to remove it or you can contact us and we will quote you on our engineers coming out to remove it for you. 


Water can get into oil tanks in a variety of different ways. Gas oil now can be supplied with a small percentage of bio fuel in it, which actually attracts water, therefore regular checking (at least annually) is paramount.  


Water in heating oil tanks can freeze in winter, resulting the water to expand, which could mean no heating when you need it the most!


Water in diesel can cause your vehicles to breakdown.


All our new Diesel tanks are supplied with a water and particle filter as standard.

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