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Watchman Sonic Advanced

Watchman Sonic Advanced Oil Tank Gauge


Watchman Sonic Advanced Oil Tank Gauge

FREE Matching and Setup before dispatch! See below for more details.


The sender fits onto your oil tank and has its own battery power. The receiver plugs into any electrical socket up to 250 meters away from your tank and displays the level of fuel in your oil tank in 10ths. A red light comes on to attract your attention when the level of fuel in your oil tank is low.


Can easily be fitted to most single skin and bunded plastic oil tanks on the market. Can also be fitted onto a steel oil tank but must be positioned a certain distance from any stays inside the tank or it will not work correctly.


Can be paired up to a WiFi dongle (sold separately) so you can get tank levels straight through to you mobile or tablet.


    To make it easier for you, simply tell us what tank you have and we’ll match and set the gauge up before sending it. Once you receiver your new gauge, simply screw in the sender and plug the receiver in. That’s it- no messing about!

    Not sure what brand or size your tank is? Let us know in the comment box and we’ll contact you to try identify your tank.

    If you don’t want us to match and set the gauge up, no worries- just leave the comment box blank.

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