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UltraCompact Oil Tank Outlet Kit

UltraCompact Twin Oil Tank Fitting kit (SOS Tank Pack C)


UltraCompact Oil Tank Fitting kit with Twin Outlets (SOS Tank Pack C)


The deluxe kit comes with a valve on the reducer which reduces the chances of your tank having to be drained down.

Made in England with Viton seals which are fully compatible with bio fuels.


Most oil tanks are supplied with a 1" bottom outlet as standard. The standard fitting kit that comes with most oil tanks comprises a 1" to 1/2" reducer with a combined filter and gate valve unit, which means there are several joints before the gate valve which could leak.


The gate valves can break over time; when this happens, your tank will need to be drained, which is expensive.


By installing the deluxe kit, you can reduce the likelihood that your tank will need to be drained since the reducer has a valve.


In addition, the Deluxe kits are produced in England using higher-quality materials than the Standard kits produced in China.


It also has Viton seals, which are fully compatible with biofuels to allow for any changes in the fuels we get delivered.


Easy to fit.


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