Small Dispensing Oil Tanks

Small bunded disepensing steel tanks complete with pumps which offer unrivaled security at excellent prices. 

Bunded 1000 litre units with hand pump, baffled so can be moved around site full of fuel from £1100 + VAT exworks. 

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1000 litre Site tanks which can be stacked for easy storage.  

Baffled so can be moved around with fuel inside and available with choice of hand operated pump or 12/24V electric pump so ideal for use on sites.

  1000 litre bunded baffled site tanks1000 litre bunded baffled tank with hand pump

Horizontal Dervpacks 

Our Horizontal Dervpack tanks are equivalent of the plastic Fuelmaster type tanks, bunded tanks with access hatch to the pump (240v as standard but can be 12/24/110V or hand pump) but unlike others on the market our cabinets have plenty of room in them so other products can also be securely stored.  Standard sizes on this range are 1300 & 2500 litre capacity sizes below but they can be made to fit into whatever space you have available.     

1300 litre unit. (1830mm long x1200mm wide x 1550mm high) and 2500 litre unit. (2500mm long x 1250mm wide x 1555mm high).

Units have channels on the base as standard to allow air to circulate and lifting lugs as standard.   240V Piuis Cube 56 fitted as standard complete with 4 meter long hose, atuo nozzle and flowmeter.  Hand pump, 12v, 24v or 110v pump options if required.  Split compartments also available.  

1300 Horizontal DervpackTank made for the National Trust


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