Q: Does my tank need to be bunded?
A: An Oftec T/133 risk assessment will determine what type of tank can be installed to meet current regulations.

Q: Do all oil tanks have a 10 year manufacturer's warranty?
A: In most cases for bunded tanks, yes. We would always advise that you confirm this prior to purchase. All single skin tanks now only carry a 2 year warranty.

Q: What is Oftec?
A: Oftec are the governing body for Oil as Corgi/Gas Safe are to Gas.

Q: Can I install the tank myself?
A: Yes but it must be done to the current building regulations and you need to get your local building control department in to sigh it off. An Oftec approved installer can sign their own installations off and report it online to Oftec.

Q: Do I need planning permission?
A: All new or replacement oil tank installations are to be authorised by building control, so no planning permission is not required, unless the tank is to be situated in front of your house and then this comes under the Town & Country planning act and planning permission is required.

J Seed & Co Ltd will notify building control on completion of any works that we undertake on our customers behalf. The customer will then receive certification as proof that the works meet the current regulations.

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