Envirostore 2500EHADBLU AdBlue Tank View full size

Envirostore 2500EHADBLU AdBlue Tank

Enviroblu tanks are designed with the quality customers expect from Envirostore, at an affordable price. Available as a 1300 or 2500 litre horizontal, and a 5000 litre vertical the Enviroblu tank comes in an attractive blue coloured outer and can also be produced in green and labelled for AdBlue.

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What is AdBlue and how does it work?
AdBlue is a solution of urea in demineralised water (32,5%) used as a fluid in the latest generation of diesel-powered Euro4 and Euro5 trucks. It is not a fuel additive.

AdBlue is stored in a separate tank on the vehicle. It is metered and sprayed into the hot exhaust manifold where the urea solution breaks-down into ammonia and reacts with the exhaust gasses in the presence of a catalytic converter. The oxides of nitrogen formed at combustion are converted into harmless elementary nitrogen and water which is called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The usage of AdBlue lies at 3 to 5% of the diesel usage.

AdBlue is now widely used in modern trucks and farm vehicles. Enviroblu Tanks have been designed for easy storage and use with the AdBlue product, and our customers can order these tanks, specifically with their own needs in mind.

  • Capacity (litres): 2625
  • Height (mm): 1960
  • Length (mm): 2230
  • Width (mm): 1530

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